Cub Scout Pack 161 - Shoreham, NY


Wolf Rank

The Wolf Badge is earned by boys who have completed first grade, or who are eight years old. As a Cub Scout completes his achievements towards the Wolf (and Bear) ranks, the Den Leader recognizes a boy's hard work with the Immediate Recognition patch and beads. This is used as an incentive towards continued achievement.

After a boy earns his Wolf badge, he works on Wolf Electives which consist of special projects and activities. Completing them allows him to earn Arrow Points to display on his uniform under his Wolf badge.

There is also a very special award that Cub Scouts can earn. By completing a specific set of conservation-related achievements and electives a Wolf Cub can earn International Scouting's World Conservation Award. Earning this award allows Scouts of all ages to heighten their awareness and appreciation of nature and the environemnt.